A Abiplast

ABIPLAST: Changing to Compete!

ABIPLAST - Associação Brasileira da Indústria do Plástico (Brazilian Plastic Industry Association) currently represents 12.539 companies and 322.679 jobs in the sector of transformation and recycling of plastic materials throughout the country. Regionally, we operate in 14 States through 23 associated professional unions. Such Entity, which was created in 1967 and celebrates 50 years of existence in 2017, constantly works to develop and strengthen the sector.

We focus on increasing the industry's competitiveness, fostering and supporting initiatives in order to incorporate new technologies, innovation in products and processes, as well as to spread the benefits and advantages when using plastic materials together with sustainable practices within the industries. Sustainability is ceasing to be only a trend and demands action from companies. It is not different with the plastic industry, and ABIPLAST has been strongly devoting itself to this aspect over the last years. We are working in a chain, forming and promoting awareness to the links forming this supply chain about the importance of developing products considering their life cycle, as well as the concepts of circular economy, i.e. on a cradle-to-cradle basis. In line with the 4R concept - rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle - ABIPLAST stimulates the importance of reducing consumption, possible reuse of packages and products and also disseminates the correct disposal of plastic products, so that they are always directed to recycling. That way, they return to the supply chain and it is possible to reuse such products, saving natural resources and energy costs.

ABIPLAST works so that the associated companies are well prepared to present the demanding markets flexibility, quality and advantages of plastic materials that can be found and applied in several of the economy sectors. Sustained by solid companies, which are aware of global demands, ABIPLAST has proved to be in harmony with global trends of sector's activities, fulfilling a leading role when defending its associates' interests and promoting support to sectors
of transformation and recycling of plastic materials.

In addition to our activities in support of the development of the industry, our organization offers various services
such as:

• Commercial consultations and defense in legal and taxation matters
• Industry local chambers
• Consulting: Legal, Tax, Civil, Labor and Environmental
• Support at trade shows in Brazil and abroad
• Courses, lectures, workshops and training amongst others
• Place or Facilities for meetings and business events
• Industry reports
• Technical Publications
• Institutional Representation and plastic industry defense

A strong and active organization that seeks innovation in order to meet the increasing demands of its members and of the entire industry!

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